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Rich Bontrager

The Trigger


These topics are great for retreats, keynotes, men’s events, and special events for your audience. If you do not find a topic that matches perfectly for your event, Rich is more than happy to work with you to create an original message.

Sticks & Stones

it's a lie that good teachers, leaders, and parents sold their children for years, that is words don't really hurt.  The truth is what comes out of our mouths has, "The can bring death or life."  Rich speaks from first hand experience on how bullying impacted his youth and life.  Yet, inspire of past pain, he will reveal how to prevent bullying, heal past hurts, and not by the lies that have been spoken over you.

Death to Life

Sometimes life can spin totally out of control and it feels like you're dead.  Marriages fail, careers crumble, and diseases stop us in our tracks. Rich shares from his personal life story of receiving a new liver, and actually coming back from a life that was at a dead stop.  Learn practical insights on how to not just survive but thrive again, no matter the obstacles you face.

This is a power message of hope! 

Church: A Team Sport

It's a proven fact that the most effective churches and ministries are those that understand how to build a vibrant team mindset. Rich shares from both his personal ministry experience along side his sports broadcasting career to help teach and illustrate how to create a culture of teamwork. Teams win the big games, not lone rangers, and so it can be with your church.  



Recovery & Freedom

Addiction and Recovery crosses all boundaries; race, sex, age, financial status and more.  With those that struggle with addiction there is often great shame, loss, and sense of worthlessness.  From years of teaching, serving and coming along side of recovering addicts, and ex-cons Rich shares the amazing truth that, "There is still gold with you!"  Learn how to "mine" for the gold that is thought to be lost, but is only hidden.