Rich Bontrager

The Trigger


Trigger Tip Sheet #1

First Person Tips & Helps

FREE Downloadable 
This PDF helps you think through the planning and prep stages of creating a FIRST PERSON PORTRAIT talk that will entertain, educate, inspire and leave a powerful impression in your audiences mind.

Trigger Tip Sheet #2

Finding My Value System

FREE Downloadable
This PDF is intended for you to use personally or with a leadership team. Many leaders and oraganizations  fail to reach their greatest potential and impact because they don't clearly understand what drives them and what they really value.  This tip sheet helps you explore what your really value.

Trigger Tip Sheet #3

How to Re-Ignite Your Imagination

Based off Rich's YouTube video of the same name. This tip sheet offers practical questions, concepts, and idea to actually help you bring your imagination and dreams to reality.

Trigger Tip Sheet #4

Leadership Fears

Based on Rich's YOUTUBE video "Overcoming Leadership Fears - 5 Tips"
This Tip Sheet will help you boith identify and explore ways to overcoming the faers you may face as a leader, and hold you back and reaching your full potential.

Tip Sheet #5

Public Speakig Evaluation Form

New Tip sheet coming soon in support a new YOUTUBE Video.
Here is an early version of my evaluation form.  Please feel free to use it as a "help" or starting point to create a feedback form for yourself.
Leadership Principles I learned from Star Trek

Tip Sheet on the importance and value of great leadership in the second chair.  The follow principles are illustrated with the help characters from the Star Trek universe. 

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