Rich Bontrager

The Trigger

Rich "Trigger" Bontrager

Pastor, Broadcaster, Storyteller, Coach

Rich “Trigger” Bontrager is a professional sports announcer, talk show host, Pastor, father, dreamer and “uncivilized Jesus follower”. Rich is a visionary leader and the founding pastor of Journey Church in Rochester,MN along with other churches since 2004. One of the unique things about Rich’s ministry experiences is that he has been blessed to serve and teach “faith and spirituality” in half-way houses and recovery centers. Rich is a very passionate about helping equip, coach and encourage "Next Generation Leaders."

Besides his many years of ministry, Rich has over 20 years as a professional sports announcer. His career has ranged from High School Sports, Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Vikings and College Football. Rich has covered it all and experienced many exciting things. When he speaks, he does so as a great story-teller with vivid word pictures and passion. Rich is a dreamer at heart and believes that no matter the circumstances that we all face in life, life is a great adventure and worth living.

Rich speaks freely from his own life struggles and over coming them; such as stuttering, earring loss, severe fire accident as a child and most recently liver transplant (2017). A liver transplant that had brought his life to a complete stand still, but now he has fully recovered from and is able to live and now enjoy the “great adventure.”